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The SAW SEries


When somebody asks you about your most favorite horror thriller what do you say?

One of the many choices will definitely be The Saw series (1-7). Directed as American independent films under Twisted Pictures and distributed by Lionsgate it is one of the biggest franchise the two groups has ever made.

Everything in this film series revolves around a successful engineer named John Kramer and the whole idea of cherishing one’s life. The topic may seem too small but the line “Cherish your life” gives a whole new meaning to the story.

The story consists of John Kramer and his life. John Kramer is initially a very simple man but with great principles. He finds love in Jill Tuck. But after that his life takes disturbing turns. His unborn child is killed in a drug burglary. Then he is diagnosed with an inoperable form of malignant tumor. With so much sorrow in one hit, he tries to end his life. But the suicide turns to be unsuccesful and John comes out the car crash wreckage with a new change in his belief. He sees things in a new way. Then he decides to test people whether they are worthy of the lives that they have been gives. He calls these tests as games. These tests often include acts of self torture or amputation. He changes his voice and gives it to a doll or puppet that he designs for adressing his victims or what he calls test subjects. He is very interested in testing the strength of the human body fabric.

The media calls him the jigsaw killer because he cuts out a piece of skin from each of his failed subject which looks like a jigsaw piece. John also has accomplices  throughout the series some of which are his test subjects.

His accomplices never know what big picture is in the mind of John. John also gets killed by one of his test subjects which is a failure of the test. But even with John killed his work is continued by his accomplices.

The next big thing in the series is the way his victims get trapped in the machines designed by John. John also says that he never leaves anything to chance. The traps include the famous reverse beartrap

and the knife trap was also good….

I won’t release the suspense here because everyone knows the rule of suspense stories. But one thing is for sure. If you want to know how a  suspense thriller should be you must get hold of SAW: The Series


IIT TechFest Day 1

By: Nikhil Malankar

2012 has started on a very good note for me since I just got cured from chickenpox and then all things are going perfect till now. Because of my illness I had to cancel some of my plans the previous year but luckily enough I got cured before the TechFest 2012. Now I won’t be whining further about my illness which would of course bore you but I’ll continue with what the post is actually about. So, yeah the TechFest! I’ve been using this word TechFest all the time. What exactly is this ‘TechFest’? Ofcourse, you guessed it right that it has to do something with Technology and Festival. Well, the TechFest 2012 is an annual College Festival of Indian Institute Of Technology – Bombay (IIT-B). First of all before proceeding with the info on the TechFest I’d like to give a short description to IIT-B.

IIT-B Main Building

IIT-B is located in Powai, Mumbai. It would not be wrong if I were to say that IIT-B is the ‘Indian Harvard’. Right from the awfully big campus to the scattered genius talent, everything reflected a bright atmosphere. An atmosphere that is way beyond a conventional education center. And I was like, ‘Whoa! What would it be like to be in such a great institute?’. But then even the most beautiful thing in this world has some flaws in it. And that would soon be realised by us in the coming hours. So, let’s get to the TechFest now! The day was 6th of January, 2012 when this magnificent campus had invited us to witness this Fest. The day started off with us reaching Powai and actually getting trapped in the ‘Entrance Test’. No! There was no official test to get an entry (Who would go to such a place then?) but we were confused about the entry to the campus. And then after asking here and there we finally found it in a matter of a mere 15 minutes. Anyways, we got in to find out that we had forgotten to take the Visitor’s card that was required for certain activities in the fest. After walking for almost an hour we had to go all the way back to the main gate to get the visitor’s card. How boring was that, buf!

Well, now we were in utter confusion! Such a big campus, so many things to do and ample amount of time. What to do? Sit four lectures? Eat? Keep walking and discover more of IIT? Or just sit at one place and wonder? Well, to be on safe side, we tried it all! 😀 First we were just randomly wandering here and there. Then we almost had entered a lecture hall and we also sat there but then they told us to wait outside and stand in that awfully long line! Duh, who would like to stand in a line after sitting on those comfy sofas? So, we went ahead. Kept walking in the almost seemingly infinite path to discover this ‘CricBot’. Cricket is a famous sport, for my American, Chinese and Japanese Bros and sis’. And ‘Bot’, well as we all know, Robot. So, basically it was a Robot which can play cricket. Participants assembled their robots and one by one came to display their seemingly overflowing knowledge. Extensive C++ codes and wires here and there plus a laptop in every student’s hand-made it seem like a perfect geek spot! So, we went inside and there the first participating group came. Unfortunately because of some technical difficulties the robot was working in a bizarre manner. Just think! Almost a year’s effort getting destroyed in front of your eyes in 10 minutes. Despite of the efforts the team only managed to make the robot twirl around and get itself tangled. Felt bad for those guys. Then came the second group. By this time our enthusiasm was almost finished so we waited for 15 minutes and left the hall to enter again the vast world of IIT.

CricBot poster

After this we went to the Japanese exhibition wherein they had kept all the JapTech on display ranging from artistic vases to hybrid cars and PlayStation 2. Well, a time pass item.

Now we had already wasted a lot of time so we really wanted to do something. One of the friend in our group was really frustrated and wanted to go home. But then you can never actually leave your friends when you are in a group. You just can’t resist to be with the group. So, convinced that he would be convinced somehow we headed for the lecture. And yeah! Our conviction held true. Now we were heading to the lecture that would completely change the way we looked at life. It was about a 10 minute wait for the lecture and then we headed into this classroom that we had seen only in films and newspapers. Truly magnificent and sliding classrooms with ample space for walking and ample space for sleeping on the back benches. 😀

So, the lecturer was Mr. Sugata Mitra, an Education Technology guy from MIT Media Labs. He explained us about his work that primarily focused on spreading education through computers and his research states that if a person can read then he can learn anything, and by anything I seriously mean anything ranging from basic arithmetic calculations to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Much of this concept depends on belief and creating curiosity within a child. He presented some awesome statistics that represented his research in the field from 1999-2002, 2002- 2006 and 2007 to present. Mr Sugata believes that if a child is provided with a computer and a broadband connection he/she can learn anything and everything as swiftly as the child who is attending that expensive school in the neighborhood. Not only this but you can even pretend to be a Doctor by just renting an apartment and putting up a signboard as ‘Dr. So&So’ and buy a nice desk plus a computer with a broadband
connection. This experiment carried out by Mr. Mitra, known as ‘The Hole In The Wall’ project, was a worldwide success. How cool would it be to never learn from a teacher, isn’t it? In simple words: You can teach yourself. I’ll give you a simple example for this. Now that you have read about Mr. Sugata Mitra, if you are interested in knowing more about him, you will directly contact your best friend ‘Google’ for more info on him. This means that you are teaching yourself about this person and adding to your knowledge. As simple as that. Truly mind-blowing speaker. I also got the opportunity to talk with him in person and appreciated his efforts in the field of Education Technology. Sugata Sir’s research has helped many students from rural India to England, America, Indonesia and many more.

The 2nd one from right in Black T-Shirt is Sugata Mitra Sir

After attending the lecture we were all charged up to sit for yet another lecture since, by now, we had realised that the lectures at IIT are truly magnificent. But then our stomachs had a different story to tell. So, we went to the cafeteria near the Hospital/Parking lot and ate. The next lecture that we wanted to attend was at 4.30 and it was 2.30 as of now. So, we did a lot of time pass strolling around here and there and then time went by swiftly.

Next was Simon Singh’s lecture. Simon Singh is the author of many best seller books and notably known for ‘Fermat’s Last Theorem’. 4.30 to 5.30 and that was his lecture. Truly magnificent. Manas has posted his experience about Simon’s Lecture. Here I’ll provide some snaps of him.

The one in the Mohawk is Simon Singh

Oh and after the lecture got over it was almost 6 PM. And we had to rush now or else we would reach home late since the college was far away from our residences. And well, would not like to share the travelling experience back home. We were CRUSHED in that jam packed bus! Anyways, signing off.

Well, that’s the way we roll! 😀

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Comments welcome! 🙂

Apabhransh – Short Film by Team Blitzkrieg

By: Nikhil Malankar

Well guys, I’ve been very busy in the past few months with many things and this movie was one among those many things. A little story to
describe the making of this film. This film’s shooting was completed in 1 day. 7 people were there in the team but due to some reasons 1 member
had to quit and so we 6 people completed the movie. During this course we got to learn many things and we thoroughly enjoyed the process of film making (I also bunked some college lectures for the editing of our movie 😀 ). The movie’s theme is based on the corruption in today’s times. I won’t reveal the storyline. Its for you to find out by having a look at this video. Hope you enjoy our short film and appreciate our efforts 🙂

And yeah! Meaning of Apabhransh is ‘Corruption’. Apabhransh is a Hindi word.

Top 10 movies for all time

By: Nikhil Malankar


Below we have compiled a list of top 10 classic super hit movies for all time. Without wasting much of your time we present a list these movies to you. Have a look:

1. The Godfather Trilogy (1972-1990)

The first part of The Godfather series is a must watch. The main reason is Marlon Brando’s powerful screen presence and the amazingly interesting storyline of a doe-eyed innocent boy, Michael Corleone, turning into a ruthless Mafia Boss. Awesome screenplay and powerful storyline.

The second part of the series is not as good as the first one but still it is considered as one of the best master pieces of all time. Al Pacino’s portrayal of Michael Corleone is just awesome. Al Pacino managed to show ‘Fratricide with style’ in this movie.

In this 3rd and last part Michael Corleone is nearing 60 and now wants to legitimize all his business and profits he earned through the Mafia business. The Godfather Part III, in my views, is even better than the first part of The Godfather series. The reason is Al Pacino’s acting skills. The last scenes of the movie really bought tears in my eyes. Again, a master piece for all time! I regard The Godfather series as 1 complete film so the first film in this list is The Godfather series.

2. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (1966)

This film was a one of its kind. It is a 1966 film. Very old. Still it is an all time classic. This one is a Spaghetti Western film starring Clint Eastwood. It is about those old cowboy days and all the bounty hunting stuff. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly still tops the charts and is a fun to watch movie with action, violence and drama.

3. The Sixth Sense (1999)

What we personally like in this movie is the boy’s, Haley Joel Osment’s, performance. He portrayed the character so well that at some points in the film you totally forget that Bruce Willis also starred in this film. Also the storyline of the film is gripping.

4. Dracula Bram Stoker’s (1992)

A master piece of its time. If you watch this movie in today’s times you will completely forget the Twilight Saga. Powerful screen presence and screen play by Gary Oldman and Keanu Reeves makes this an all time classic. Moreover Francis Ford Coppola, the director of The Godfather Trilogy, directed this film which adds to its success. A recommended watch.

5. Scarface (1983)

Al Pacino’s performance at its peak. The movie is a very violent and powerful one. If you have played and completed GTA Vice City you will observe that many things are in common between the game and this movie. In this movie Al Pacino plays Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant, who takes over a drug empire and then greed takes a toll on him.

6. Little Manhattan (2005)

Little Manhattan is perhaps a very cute movie. The story is about a little 11 year old boy finds love in Manhattan city. Starring Josh Hutcherson and Charlie Ray this movie will surely touch your hearts. The story told from the perspective of the little boy, Gabe, is just awesome. You should watch this movie!

7. The Truman Show (1998)

Ever imagined if your whole life was broad casted live on national television without your knowledge? Well, this movie’s story is exactly the same. Jim Carrey’s comic performance with this one of a kind story makes this movie a complete package of laughter, emotions and awesomeness to watch.

8. Man on The Moon (1999)

Biographic movie of the Avant-Garde and eccentric comedian singer Andy Kaufman. It stars Jim Carrey and shows the struggle and life of a real-life artist Andy Kaufman. Wonderfully and beautifully made. The last song of the movie ‘Friendly World’ was the first post of this blog. By watching this movie you will understand Andy Kaufman more better. Though Andy is no longer with us now.

9. The Time Machine (2002)

The movie was adapted from the novel of the same name by H.G. Wells. In this movie the scientist tries to alter the events in the past by travelling into the past but is not successful to do so. So, he decides to travel in the future to find the answer to this. But then gets trapped there.

10. The Karate Kid (1984)

Don’t ever try to compare the 2010 movie of the same name with this one because this movie is an all time classic. The presence of this movie, as a whole, is a lot more than that of the Jackie Chan starrer. A handyman/martial arts master agrees to teach a bullied boy karate and shows him that there is more to the martial art than fighting. This is the story of the film. It stars Pat Morita, as the martial arts teacher, and Ralph Macchio as Daniel Larusso. This movie is my all time favorite.

So, here you have! The Top 10 movies for all time!

Speak Softly Love Lyrics

By: Nikhil Malankar


Given below are the lyrics of the song ‘Speak Softly Love’ by Andy Williams. This is a really lovely song and it’s soundtrack was used for the Godfather Trilogy of films. Download and listen to the song. It has a really soothing effect on you. Just have a look at the video and listen to this lovely song.

The lyrics of this song are as follows:

Speak softly, love
And hold me warm against your heart
I feel your words
The tender trembling moments start
We’re in a world, our very own
Sharing a love that only few have ever known

Wine-colored days warmed by the sun
Deep velvet nights when we are one

Speak softly, love
So no one hears us but the sky
The vows of love
We make will live until we die
My life is yours and all because
You came into my world with love so softly love

(Instrumental interlude)

Wine-colored days warmed by the sun
Deep velvet nights when we are one

Speak softly, love
So no one hears us but the sky
The vows of love we make will live until we die
My life is yours and all because
You came into my world with love so softly love


We hope you liked this song.

Have a nice day