To start off, this blog is among the millions of others but with a twist. This blog is managed by 3 people but the content is submitted by the public.

What exactly do you mean by ‘content is submitted by the public’?

Well, there is a writer hidden in each one of us. If you know how to type you can write an article. In fact even if you know how to write an email, you can write an article. At first this blog was co-founded by two college mates named: Nikhil Malankar and Manas Chaturvedi. Later another friend Niyati Bhat joined the blog and we used to write about all the stuff that interested us. After this 2 more guys named Gaurav Tiwari and Jimmy Palathingal joined us and we came up with a unique plan of making GeneticWriters into a people’s blog.

By people’s blog we mean that all the content on the blog is submitted by users around the globe. This means that even you can submit your post and we will publish it on our blog. The guidelines to submit your post on our blog are as follows:

1. Start your post with your name. For eg., ‘By: Mark Gates’

2. Write on whatever topic you feel like. There is no restriction. It can be related to any field or any topic or simply, just anything! There is no restriction on the word count too. You can also submit poems and images.

3. After you have finished writing, email us your post on: geneticwriters@gmail.com.

4. We will review your post and then update our blog with it. You will get all the credit for the post that you have submitted.


So, what are you waiting for? Start thinking on a topic, write about it and submit it on our email id.

Just for the sake of it, (again we mention) our email id is: geneticwriters@gmail.com


  1. Hello iam kevin iam glad you enjoyed my poetry and your blog is very good aswell keep up the good work.

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