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New Problem- ACTA

By: Nikhil Malankar

The Internet has defeated the SOPA and PIPA but do you know about something known as the ACTA? Well, in case you don’t know, ACTA stands for ‘Anti-Counterfieting Trade Agreement’. Let us take a look on what it is about and how it is misused by the Government to curtail our freedom of speech and expression.

What is ACTA about?
The ACTA is about protecting Trademark companies and intellectual properties. For example, you cannot start a company with the registered name of ‘Google Inc.’ or the likes. This offers a healthy protection of copyrights and provides a legally safe environment for both small and large corporations by protecting their trademarks. It is supposed to protect products against selling fake copies of branded products. For example, you cannot sell a Cola under the registered name of ‘Coca Cola’ or, say, ‘Pepsi’ because that damages the reputation of the respective companies. ACTA is supposed to protect patents and support artists to churn out high quality content. So, whats the problem? Its actually a great law. If you think about it this way then think again..

The Problem With ACTA:
Alrighty, sure ACTA is a great act for protecting copyrighted content and patents. But what will happen when the ACTA will be imposed on the Internet? Before giving the answer let me define counterfieting from the Oxford English Dictionary. Counterfieting is defined as the fraudulent imitation of something else. And when the ACTA will be imposed on the Internet you won’t be able to download files. Well, when you download a file you just download the exact copy of the original. In fact the file you downloaded is exactly the same and you have not stolen the original copy. The original copy is intact. Let me give you a more simple example. If you go to a computer class and learn some basics of computing. Now you want to share your knowledge with, say, your brother or sister. Now you are sharing your understanding of the knowledge gained from the classes with your siblings for free. But the twist here is that you are a criminal in terms of the ACTA. Since you just shared the information
that you learned from the computer classes. And also the ACTA criminalises your siblings for taking the knowledge from you.

But then this surely will help artists, right? WRONG!

An artiste will gain recognition for his/her work only when people watch them. If the act is imposed on the Internet then you would never be able to download movies for free.

Whats worse?
Social networking sites like Twitter and the likes and the video sharing giant YouTube will be the ones that will get most affected by ACTA since you would not be able to share your thoughts or upload a video expressing your views and stuff.

Its totally wrong!
Nowadays we use the Internet for almost everything. After ACTA you won’t be able to share photos, post status updates, upload/download videos. In short, the Internet will become a vast Wild West wherein you won’t be able to do anything. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even the Big G(Google) will have to shut down for the same reasons mentioned above. It violates freedom of speech and freedom of expression. If I don’t like, say ‘X’ Politician, then I have the full right to express my views on the same. The ACTA or no other act has the right to curb that.

Here is a prime example of how the author of SOPA Mr. Lamar Smith himself has violated his own act:

So, a personal request from GeneticWriters to all its readers: Please Google ‘ACTA’ and spread awareness among your friends to protest against this shit act which will snatch away our freedom of speech and expression.


IIT TechFest Day 1

By: Nikhil Malankar

2012 has started on a very good note for me since I just got cured from chickenpox and then all things are going perfect till now. Because of my illness I had to cancel some of my plans the previous year but luckily enough I got cured before the TechFest 2012. Now I won’t be whining further about my illness which would of course bore you but I’ll continue with what the post is actually about. So, yeah the TechFest! I’ve been using this word TechFest all the time. What exactly is this ‘TechFest’? Ofcourse, you guessed it right that it has to do something with Technology and Festival. Well, the TechFest 2012 is an annual College Festival of Indian Institute Of Technology – Bombay (IIT-B). First of all before proceeding with the info on the TechFest I’d like to give a short description to IIT-B.

IIT-B Main Building

IIT-B is located in Powai, Mumbai. It would not be wrong if I were to say that IIT-B is the ‘Indian Harvard’. Right from the awfully big campus to the scattered genius talent, everything reflected a bright atmosphere. An atmosphere that is way beyond a conventional education center. And I was like, ‘Whoa! What would it be like to be in such a great institute?’. But then even the most beautiful thing in this world has some flaws in it. And that would soon be realised by us in the coming hours. So, let’s get to the TechFest now! The day was 6th of January, 2012 when this magnificent campus had invited us to witness this Fest. The day started off with us reaching Powai and actually getting trapped in the ‘Entrance Test’. No! There was no official test to get an entry (Who would go to such a place then?) but we were confused about the entry to the campus. And then after asking here and there we finally found it in a matter of a mere 15 minutes. Anyways, we got in to find out that we had forgotten to take the Visitor’s card that was required for certain activities in the fest. After walking for almost an hour we had to go all the way back to the main gate to get the visitor’s card. How boring was that, buf!

Well, now we were in utter confusion! Such a big campus, so many things to do and ample amount of time. What to do? Sit four lectures? Eat? Keep walking and discover more of IIT? Or just sit at one place and wonder? Well, to be on safe side, we tried it all! 😀 First we were just randomly wandering here and there. Then we almost had entered a lecture hall and we also sat there but then they told us to wait outside and stand in that awfully long line! Duh, who would like to stand in a line after sitting on those comfy sofas? So, we went ahead. Kept walking in the almost seemingly infinite path to discover this ‘CricBot’. Cricket is a famous sport, for my American, Chinese and Japanese Bros and sis’. And ‘Bot’, well as we all know, Robot. So, basically it was a Robot which can play cricket. Participants assembled their robots and one by one came to display their seemingly overflowing knowledge. Extensive C++ codes and wires here and there plus a laptop in every student’s hand-made it seem like a perfect geek spot! So, we went inside and there the first participating group came. Unfortunately because of some technical difficulties the robot was working in a bizarre manner. Just think! Almost a year’s effort getting destroyed in front of your eyes in 10 minutes. Despite of the efforts the team only managed to make the robot twirl around and get itself tangled. Felt bad for those guys. Then came the second group. By this time our enthusiasm was almost finished so we waited for 15 minutes and left the hall to enter again the vast world of IIT.

CricBot poster

After this we went to the Japanese exhibition wherein they had kept all the JapTech on display ranging from artistic vases to hybrid cars and PlayStation 2. Well, a time pass item.

Now we had already wasted a lot of time so we really wanted to do something. One of the friend in our group was really frustrated and wanted to go home. But then you can never actually leave your friends when you are in a group. You just can’t resist to be with the group. So, convinced that he would be convinced somehow we headed for the lecture. And yeah! Our conviction held true. Now we were heading to the lecture that would completely change the way we looked at life. It was about a 10 minute wait for the lecture and then we headed into this classroom that we had seen only in films and newspapers. Truly magnificent and sliding classrooms with ample space for walking and ample space for sleeping on the back benches. 😀

So, the lecturer was Mr. Sugata Mitra, an Education Technology guy from MIT Media Labs. He explained us about his work that primarily focused on spreading education through computers and his research states that if a person can read then he can learn anything, and by anything I seriously mean anything ranging from basic arithmetic calculations to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Much of this concept depends on belief and creating curiosity within a child. He presented some awesome statistics that represented his research in the field from 1999-2002, 2002- 2006 and 2007 to present. Mr Sugata believes that if a child is provided with a computer and a broadband connection he/she can learn anything and everything as swiftly as the child who is attending that expensive school in the neighborhood. Not only this but you can even pretend to be a Doctor by just renting an apartment and putting up a signboard as ‘Dr. So&So’ and buy a nice desk plus a computer with a broadband
connection. This experiment carried out by Mr. Mitra, known as ‘The Hole In The Wall’ project, was a worldwide success. How cool would it be to never learn from a teacher, isn’t it? In simple words: You can teach yourself. I’ll give you a simple example for this. Now that you have read about Mr. Sugata Mitra, if you are interested in knowing more about him, you will directly contact your best friend ‘Google’ for more info on him. This means that you are teaching yourself about this person and adding to your knowledge. As simple as that. Truly mind-blowing speaker. I also got the opportunity to talk with him in person and appreciated his efforts in the field of Education Technology. Sugata Sir’s research has helped many students from rural India to England, America, Indonesia and many more.

The 2nd one from right in Black T-Shirt is Sugata Mitra Sir

After attending the lecture we were all charged up to sit for yet another lecture since, by now, we had realised that the lectures at IIT are truly magnificent. But then our stomachs had a different story to tell. So, we went to the cafeteria near the Hospital/Parking lot and ate. The next lecture that we wanted to attend was at 4.30 and it was 2.30 as of now. So, we did a lot of time pass strolling around here and there and then time went by swiftly.

Next was Simon Singh’s lecture. Simon Singh is the author of many best seller books and notably known for ‘Fermat’s Last Theorem’. 4.30 to 5.30 and that was his lecture. Truly magnificent. Manas has posted his experience about Simon’s Lecture. Here I’ll provide some snaps of him.

The one in the Mohawk is Simon Singh

Oh and after the lecture got over it was almost 6 PM. And we had to rush now or else we would reach home late since the college was far away from our residences. And well, would not like to share the travelling experience back home. We were CRUSHED in that jam packed bus! Anyways, signing off.

Well, that’s the way we roll! 😀

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Comments welcome! 🙂

Death Of The Desktop

By: Nikhil Malankar


One of the greatest innovations of all time is undoubtedly the computer and because of the same many further things were made possible. Right from knowing how the child in the mother’s womb is to the launch of a satellite. Nowadays everything is done on the computer. The computer has advanced a lot since it was first invented. At first it was a big idiot box. Then after that because of semiconducting devices it was possible to have smaller computers. Due to further advancements the size went on decreasing whereas the capabilities went on increasing. (Moore’s Law) And now finally! The desktop is approaching its death! Let’s see how!

Ok. So, as I mentioned earlier that because of semiconductors the size of the computer went on decreasing. The size went on decreasing and a new innovation known as the ‘Laptop’ was introduced. The laptop is classified into 2 main categories. First being notebooks and second net books. Net books are cheap laptops but nowadays they are also becoming a rage for business class people who need a handy book to carry their business with ease. For more updated information let me tell you that these ‘net books’ will soon be getting replaced by something called ‘ultra books’ which would be having the same mobility of net books but with more processing power. The laptops offer everything to everyone. There are gaming laptops, business laptops and also useless time pass laptops! :D And the biggest advantage is that laptop does not require more space unlike the desktop. Plus a battery charge of 6 hours can make the laptop work for 10 hours or more depending on the assurance given by the company.

Recently the launch of tablet PCs have further contributed to the desktop’s death. The Apple iPad, Blackberry Playbook, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Tab and many others are no less than a computer (with a small space of 32 GB or 64 GB but that’s fine!). The real innovation was the iPad but due to its big dimensions it became inconvenient to carry it. The solution to this was Samsung Galaxy Tab which had smaller dimensions and more power. But if the Apple iPad would not have been launched then maybe we would have never known what a tablet is and we would have stuck to medical science for the same 😀 .

And after the launch of tablets we got these amazing range of smart phones with 1GHz processing power like the Xperia series, Samsung Galaxy S II and many more. Plus the Windows-Nokia phone Lumia 800 was a new cocktail of technologies. These smart phones offer a wide variety of features including business features like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and updates on the go. Social networking experience is also awesome. With all this and much more to come, I think that the Desktop is slowly but steadily breathing its last.
Maybe after some years or even months nobody will use the desktop on a large scale and everyone will work on laptops and tablets. The desktop will be popular only with the people who like to relax and sit at home or only at large corporations. The geek community will always be on the desktop as they love it a lot! Also gamers will prefer desktops over laptops and tablets. But the bitter truth is that the desktop is approaching its death.

Oh and yeah Happy New Year folks! 🙂

How to download torrent files?

By: Nikhil Malankar

Most of us know about the torrent files and how to download them. This post is for those who don’t know about it. Before starting with ‘How to download torrent files?’ let me just give you a little introduction to the ‘Torrent World’. Torrents are basically small files which are able to extract data from computers all over the world which have the specific information of the files which are attached or linked to the magnet torrent. Torrents act as strong magnets. For example if you want to download a movie from a torrent you basically download the torrent file of that movie and then you place it for downloading in a torrent client which will attract (download) the file in your computer.

Torrent files have extension of ‘.torrent’. This means that if you download a torrent file, say sample, then it will be named as ‘sample.torrent’. Some of the torrent sites include:

But mind you! These torrent downloads are illegal.

Anyways! Now we will see some more information about torrents. Whenever you download a torrent files first have a look at the ‘Seeders’ because if there are more seeders then your file will be downloaded fast. Low seeder count may lead to slow download or no download at all!

One of the best torrent client is ‘utorrent’. Download this from the internet and then download ‘.torrent’ files and then click on it. If it opens then it will directly open in utorrent or else manually select utorrent from the programs list to open the file.

If used properly, torrents can be a great way to download almost anything for FREE FREE FREE!!!!! 😀

Important note:- Once you finish downloading the torrent remove it from the torrent list or else it will keep on uploading which will in turn be using a lot of your network resources and also increasing your bill!

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Review

By: Nikhil Malankar


Just recently, as in April 2011, Sony launched it’s much hyped Sony Ericsson Xperia range of phones which includes the Arc, X10 and the Xperia Play or better known as Xplay. This post is a review of Sony’s Xplay. Xplay is a one of its kind phone with an impressive design and innovative features. This phone is PlayStation certified and can play games with graphics as good as the PSP.

Lets have a look at this phone’s features.

The Sony Ericsson Xplay has an impressive PSP type design, as you can see in the above image, it is a slider phone. The Xplay has Android 2.3(Gingerbread) OS which is efficiently integrated with the PlayStation Suite. On the portability side this phone is a bit bulky and has dimensions 119X62X16mm and weighs somewhere around175g. It’s screen size is also impressive and watching movies on this phone is sheer pleasure.

With 512 MB RAM and Snapdragon system on ship this phone offers a good speed and is very efficient. It is available in 2 colors and they are black and white. Xplay has a 1 GHz Scorpion Processor with Andreno 205 GPU which makes it more efficient to use and promises a good experience.

The camera is a 5 megapixel autofocus with LED flashlight. Record Videos in WVGA and also has a secondary VGA camera on the front side. The camera menu is also user friendly and we can easily switch to the front cam from the rear one or vice-versa.

With features like 3G, Wi-fi, Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP, GPRS, EDGE and many more this phone is a complete package! The battery life is also impressive with 425 hours of standby in 2G and 413 hours in 3G. Talk time upto 8h 25 minutes in 2G and 6h 25 minutes in 3G. Xplay has internal memory of 400 MB and can be expanded upto 32 GB. An 8 GB memory card is included with the phone.

The main feature of this phone is its gaming side. Till date this is the best gaming phone after the ‘N-Gage’ era. It has some cool pre-loaded games like FIFA 10, Sims 3 and Bruce Lee(which is almost like Street Fighter) and you can download more from the internet. Games like Asphalt 6 HD can be played with the play panel which can be accessed by sliding the phone. Also Assassin’s Creed offers the best graphics on this phone. What else does a gamer want?

The phone is priced at Rs. 35,000 MRP and in dollars it is approximately 777$. So, if you have that money to spare on a phone then this is the best choice. As a reviewer we should also mention its downsides. So, if you compare this with the E7 you will find the only downsides are that it does not have a HDMI port and does not support HD video recording. But if you see it this way, the Android market has millions of applications compared to the thousands or may be hundreds of that of OVI store. So, Android is any day better than Nokia.

And now you can also enjoy GTA III on this phone PSP style! 😉

Have a nice day! 🙂

Nokia E7 review

By: Nikhil Malankar


Nokia E7 is the latest phone, as of April 2011, launched by Nokia with a trendy and innovative design. This phone offers a fair share of excitement and is perfect for the business class people. 

The above image is of E7. Its a cool phone which is packed with features and isn’t too bulky to carry. Let us have a look at some of its features.

The Nokia E7 is a phone with an impressive 8 mp camera with dual flash light and fixed focus. It also has Geo-tagging and face detection features. Videos can be recorded in high definition at 720 pixels with 25 frames per second which is superb! The secondary camera is VGA camera.

The battery life of this phone is also awesome with 432 hours of standy mode in 2G mode and 480 hours of standy mode in 3G mode. If you are using 2G then the talk time battery life is 9 hours approx. and on a 3G network the battery life is 5 hours. So, in all the battery life is quite impressive.

The Nokia E7 runs on Symbian^3 OS. It has pre-loaded games and more can be downloaded. The OVI store is the perfect place for downloading more games from this phone. Though OVI store is no competition to the Android market and the famous iTunes, still the user has no alternative. Or else 3rd party sites are always available to download cool apps and games.

This phone has Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP and no infrared. The E7 has a HDMI port through which you can connect your phone to a TV. It is available in several colors such as Dark Grey, Silver White, Green, Blue, Orange. Also, this phone supports Wi-fi connections. It’s launch price in India was Rs. 29,999 which is quite justified for its features.

So, all in all, if you are planning to buy a new cell phone then the Nokia E7 is quite a good choice if you don’t give a damn to the OVI store.

That’s it! Have a nice day!