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The Universe according to Me

:Posted by Gaurav

All the theoretical physicists around the world are looking for the Grand Unification Theory. A theory that incorporates everything in the universe including the universe itself. The four forces in nature are all that make up this universe or rather I should say that universe which can be observed. Definitely we haven’t seen the edge. Neither we have found any center. On the other hand our universe is so big that by laws of mathematics, which we have devised, we are at the center.

Thus all the theories and the calculations we have done cannot be imposed on that part of the universe that we haven’t observed. We may ourselves be an exceptional part in the universe where the value of Planck’s constant is what it is. This is pure imagination but, according to quantum physics, a valid one. The constant will have multiple Eigen value states until and unless it is actually observed. So there is always a possibility that we would not be able to imagine what is beyond the observable boundaries like the experiment with Schrodinger’s cat.

So here’s, what I should say, an extended version of what you all know.

The Universe according to me is designed in three basic simple steps. These are :

1) Initiation

2) Chaos

3) Re-Order

Everything that we see is a result of some kind of initiation. This may be somewhat opposite thought to those who believe in coincidences. But actually, if observed carefully, coincidences are merely the happening of two or more events simultaneously. It is the nature of human mind to find the relation between two events that it observes simultaneously.

Consider a small accident happening. A car hits a truck and loses its rear view mirror. Obviously, the two drivers first come out to check the damage, if any done, to their respective vehicles. The car driver sees that he has lost a rear view mirror and starts yelling at the truck driver. The truck driver doesn’t thinks that it was his mistake. The observers around see the broken mirror and start creating their views about the accident. Each of them has a different theory. Some would say that the truck should have stopped because there was traffic. Some would say the car was speeding and they thank God that no one is hurt. Some would say the car driver is drunk and that’s why he is wasting his time and energy for such a small damage what could have been a big one. Some would say it was just a coincidence.

There can be a correct theory. But the coincidence is that the car and the truck came in contact with each other. So the observers make their theories and name them as coincidences. For eg. An observer who observed the car before collision would say that the car driver is to blame that he was speeding. It was a coincidence that the truck took the car’s rear view mirror.

Hence, everything has an initiation, we just name it coincidence.

Then comes Chaos.

The world has been chaotic in some or the other point in time. Consider the above example again. The car hits the truck. So everything around it changes. If the car had not hit the truck, everyone would continue their work as planned. The truck would have safely crossed a road. The drivers would not have got out of their vehicles. All the observing people would not be observers at all. Of course I am taking the collision as the initiation. The initiation was followed by the chaos by the immediately above assumptions not happening. Everyone came out of the order they were meant to remain in.

And then comes Re-Order.

In the same example, eventually everyone has to go to work or home or any place they want to. So they move away from the site of accident. The two drivers take their vehicles out of the way due to honking of oncoming traffic and the road becomes busy again. But here the order is created due to initiation of some other kind(like the honking).

Hence if observed carefully, everything in the world has an initiation and then go into chaos and then reorder. This was also happening at the time the ‘ Time ‘ started. And it is happening to this very day. The chaos and the reorder become the initiation of other processes thus making the nested cycle of themselves.


My views on the Universe : Part 3

This article is the 3rd part of the series ‘My views on the Universe’. The first part was.  My Views on the Universe : Part One and the second was My Views on The Universe : Part Two. So, I recommend you to first read the 1st part and 2nd part and then come to this 3rd part. Let me introduce you again to this series. This series is my imagination about how the universe actually is. So, without wasting much time let me start off with the topic.

This 3rd article is based on an assumption that the Universe is just a sheet of paper. Paper? How? Okay! Let me express myself. Read on.

Imagine that the Universe is just a paper. Paper has many uses and mostly it is used for writing and drawing. So, imagine that the Universe is sketched on a piece of paper. All the planets, meteoroids, stars, etc. are just drawings! This piece of paper is not too big but is very detailed. It has been sketched using a very fine pencil. Or should I say a rainbow pencil which adds a mixture of all the beautiful seven colors and their shades into this Universe. So, why does the Universe appear to be black? The answer is because most of the part is not colored yet J. It takes a lot of time to detail everything and so the artist of our Universe has decided to give colors only to the part which are important. The specialty of His art is that this paper turns its drawings to life within itself! And that’s why we have various life forms. But only those life forms exist which the artist has written at the back of the paper.

So, there is a 100% possibility that aliens exist. This artist has created only our Universe. There are many other artists who have sketched their imagination into their papers and created many Universes which can also be termed as parallel universes. One more thing is that this artist is never satisfied with is work and so he is always creating a new imagination and adding it to our Universe. So, our Universe is ever expanding.

We should praise the intellect of this artist who has created such a wonderful world! And we can learn an important lesson from his artist that ‘Never be satisfied! Satisfaction leads to rest and rest will never fetch you rewards’. So, keep on working and adding new feathers to your hat. And one day you will have your world as the Universe itself!

So, this was my 3rd part. Hope you liked it. In case you did not read my first 2 parts then their links are:

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Add your valuable comments to let me know if you liked my article or not.

The Reaper Mythology

Posted by Gaurav

Yesterday….I was watching the broadcast of SUPERNATURAL on Star World India. It had this thing about how people before Jesus Christ used black magic to control the death angel ‘ The Reaper ‘. It made me think about our mythology of death angel or the death God.

The Reaper from Supernatural (STAR WORLD INDIA)

It is said that one sees the death God when one is going to die. The appropriately named, the Reaper, represents the same thing all around the world. I know that the black magic thing is impossible. Maybe the mythological event of the vision of the Reaper be also false , I do not know. But the thing that bothers me that how did people even think of trying to control God of Death. I know that man is a very curious organism but this was something way out of his league and even then he tried to do something which he knew was unworthy.

This is nothing but a blog of sarcasm. Even in Hinduism we do have certain hymns and hell knows what kind of prayers to prevent death temporary.

This makes me think about the famous dialogue in the Final Destination movies “Death doesn’t likes to be cheated.”

HEH! [:)]

The Monster: Our Thoughts

By: Nikhil Malankar


You may find the above title a little weird. And a question can arise in your mind that is “How can my thoughts be a monster?”. But let me tell you the above statement is true. Yes! Our thoughts are monsters! Let me convince you with my statement.

We all know how to think. But a very few of us know how to stop thinking. It is really necessary to stop thinking because our mind also needs rest like all of us. See, the brain and mind are two different things just as the body and soul are. When we sleep our body and brain relax but our mind and soul are not relaxed and that’s the reason why we get dreams, good or bad. During this time we cannot control our mind and soul. So, it is necessary to control them while we are awake and conscious.

To stop thinking is a step closer to enlightenment. Buddha, the greatest spiritual teacher of all time, knew all this and through his teachings he told us these facts but we all received them in a wrong way. The greatest scientists of all time such as Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and even Stephen Hawking know how to think but when it comes to stop the thinking process its impossible for them because their thoughts have already turned into monsters which have totally possessed them. These people failed to achieve enlightenment only because they didn’t discover inner peace.

Each and every thought of yours has the power to change your life. But when you stop thinking you are in a state of temporal paradox and believe me! This is the most wonderful state you will ever experience. But this does not mean you should stop thinking completely. No! Not at all! You should just give your mind and soul rest for some time. You should be able to ‘watch the thinker’. And then, my friend, you will experience the eternal bliss that is infinitely available on this beautiful paradise known as Earth!

Have a nice day.

You are the Universe

By: Nikhil Malankar


There are times when we get depressed because of some or the other reason. There are times when we feel that all the bad on this Earth is happening only to us. There are times when we feel like doing nothing but hurt ourselves. At such times we feel very small and just want to hide in some corner of this vast world. So, this post is for those depressive moments and how to get out of this situation.

Normally people think that they are a part or just a fragment of this big wide Universe. But that’s not true. What people fail to realize that you are not a fragment of the universe, YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE. Having said that let me convince you with it.

It may appear you from outside that you are nicely dressed piece of flesh. But the reality is not limited to that. Beyond that flesh are many different cells which continuously multiply and divide. And inside those cells there are many more things but the most basic thing is ‘Energy’. So, what are cells made of? The answer is energy. What are you made of? The answer again is energy. What is your neighbor made of? The answer is energy. What is this Earth made of? The answer is energy. What is this Universe made of? The answer, my friend, is energy! So, everything that has, is or will ever exist is energy.

We are all One! If you observe through a powerful microscope you will observe that each one of us is energy just vibrating with different frequencies. So, all of us are connected to each other. Even you, the reader, is connected to me. Believe it or not but that’s the truth. Just once try thinking that you are the Universe and I guarantee you! It’s a trip man! People go to the Theater but I am the Theater! I am the seats, I am the screen, I am the speakers, I am the pop corn vendor, I am everything and everywhere! And it’s so much fun!

So, my point is that if you start thinking this way you would never get depressed. This is Enigma my friend!