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5 must visits in India

By: Nikhil Malankar


India is a very beautiful country. We all have heard about its rich culture, unity in diversity and many things about India. It is actually a heaven on Earth. Well, let me ask you a question first. Have you visited India or do you reside in India? If not then take my advice and visit India. You will have a great time in India. You can actually spend your whole life in knowing India but for time being let me introduce 5 must visits in India. Let me start with the list.

1. Mumbai

You may have heard about Mumbai many a times. It is one of the most modern cities in India. The people here are always in a rush. It is a lovely place. Mumbai is actually a city which never sleeps. Many film stars live here. You can munch on the street food which has a lot of variety ranging from pani puri to vada pav. It is a must visit and on the top of the list. You can shop, cruise and do anything and everything in this city. There are many places to visit in Mumbai. You will find many malls in this city. Some popular places in Mumbai are Juhu Beach, Bandstand, Gateway of India, Marine Lines. There is no end to the list and you will find that there is a lot more variety in Mumbai.

2. Shimla

A very calm and cool place. If you want to be in peace and away from the daily noise of traffic in the city then this is THE place for you. You will find many things to do here. The best time to visit Shimla is in summer. You will actually experience what bliss is in this part of India. It is a heavenly place and the people are very affectionate. The temperature is cold throughout the year. It is one of the best places for skiing.

3. Kerala

Indians call Kerala as Gods own country. It is a great place. You get to see the backwaters and can also swim in those. This one is mostly famous for its greenery. The people here are highly educated and Kerala ranks first in literacy in India.Kerala is truly Gods own place as it has a variety of heavenly bliss and so many photographic locations. You will actually feel at home in this part of India.

4. Gujarat

Gujarat is a very developed state and its population mainly consists of Gujaratis. The people are very sweet and so is the food. You can visit Ahmedabad city and Surat city here. You will find many industries over here. Gujarat is a very good city for tourists. You have a good variety of places to see here. We also get to see the Sabarmati Ashram where we have memories of Mahatma Gandhi with us. The food quality is just good and you will also find the taste good.

5. Punjab

Punjab is a city of joy. The people here are very big hearted. It is a very posh country. The most famous dish of Punjab is ‘Makke ki roti aur sarso kaa saag’. There are many places to visit in Punjab. The temperature is a little cold in this country. The speciality of this country is that you will not observe a single mountain till the border of this country. It is a beautiful place and the people are really kind.

So, these are the 5 must visits in India. Next time you visit India please take a note of these places and don’t forget to visit them.