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Who in the blue hell are we?

To start off, this is a joint blog, co-written and managed by three friends.

Why would we want to write a blog, when there are tonnes of other better blogs on the intenet? Or should I say, why would YOU want to read this blog out of the millions and the billion blogs on the Internet? Well,  as far as the question of why we have started this blog goes, it’s purely because we needed a medium to express our views.

It’s jointly written solely because we needed each other to motivate each other to continue to write, for believe me,  we three have had individual blogs which were a big failure.  So it’s better to share a blog and enjoy our work rather than do individual work and sulk in failure.

Through this blog, we would cover almost everything: music, gadgets, general affairs, sports, science, philosophy and anything and everything we could think of! So make sure you catch up with the latest updates on this blog!

Genetic Writers