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Apabhransh – Short Film by Team Blitzkrieg

By: Nikhil Malankar

Well guys, I’ve been very busy in the past few months with many things and this movie was one among those many things. A little story to
describe the making of this film. This film’s shooting was completed in 1 day. 7 people were there in the team but due to some reasons 1 member
had to quit and so we 6 people completed the movie. During this course we got to learn many things and we thoroughly enjoyed the process of film making (I also bunked some college lectures for the editing of our movie 😀 ). The movie’s theme is based on the corruption in today’s times. I won’t reveal the storyline. Its for you to find out by having a look at this video. Hope you enjoy our short film and appreciate our efforts 🙂

And yeah! Meaning of Apabhransh is ‘Corruption’. Apabhransh is a Hindi word.