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New Problem- ACTA

By: Nikhil Malankar

The Internet has defeated the SOPA and PIPA but do you know about something known as the ACTA? Well, in case you don’t know, ACTA stands for ‘Anti-Counterfieting Trade Agreement’. Let us take a look on what it is about and how it is misused by the Government to curtail our freedom of speech and expression.

What is ACTA about?
The ACTA is about protecting Trademark companies and intellectual properties. For example, you cannot start a company with the registered name of ‘Google Inc.’ or the likes. This offers a healthy protection of copyrights and provides a legally safe environment for both small and large corporations by protecting their trademarks. It is supposed to protect products against selling fake copies of branded products. For example, you cannot sell a Cola under the registered name of ‘Coca Cola’ or, say, ‘Pepsi’ because that damages the reputation of the respective companies. ACTA is supposed to protect patents and support artists to churn out high quality content. So, whats the problem? Its actually a great law. If you think about it this way then think again..

The Problem With ACTA:
Alrighty, sure ACTA is a great act for protecting copyrighted content and patents. But what will happen when the ACTA will be imposed on the Internet? Before giving the answer let me define counterfieting from the Oxford English Dictionary. Counterfieting is defined as the fraudulent imitation of something else. And when the ACTA will be imposed on the Internet you won’t be able to download files. Well, when you download a file you just download the exact copy of the original. In fact the file you downloaded is exactly the same and you have not stolen the original copy. The original copy is intact. Let me give you a more simple example. If you go to a computer class and learn some basics of computing. Now you want to share your knowledge with, say, your brother or sister. Now you are sharing your understanding of the knowledge gained from the classes with your siblings for free. But the twist here is that you are a criminal in terms of the ACTA. Since you just shared the information
that you learned from the computer classes. And also the ACTA criminalises your siblings for taking the knowledge from you.

But then this surely will help artists, right? WRONG!

An artiste will gain recognition for his/her work only when people watch them. If the act is imposed on the Internet then you would never be able to download movies for free.

Whats worse?
Social networking sites like Twitter and the likes and the video sharing giant YouTube will be the ones that will get most affected by ACTA since you would not be able to share your thoughts or upload a video expressing your views and stuff.

Its totally wrong!
Nowadays we use the Internet for almost everything. After ACTA you won’t be able to share photos, post status updates, upload/download videos. In short, the Internet will become a vast Wild West wherein you won’t be able to do anything. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even the Big G(Google) will have to shut down for the same reasons mentioned above. It violates freedom of speech and freedom of expression. If I don’t like, say ‘X’ Politician, then I have the full right to express my views on the same. The ACTA or no other act has the right to curb that.

Here is a prime example of how the author of SOPA Mr. Lamar Smith himself has violated his own act:

So, a personal request from GeneticWriters to all its readers: Please Google ‘ACTA’ and spread awareness among your friends to protest against this shit act which will snatch away our freedom of speech and expression.


Cool websites and softwares

By: Nikhil Malankar


Its been a horribly long time since anything was published on this blog. We sincerely apologize to keep you waiting for such a long time and to compensate for this time we are going to introduce some really interesting softwares and websites to you which are very useful in the computer world. Lets start with some cool websites.

Whoa! That’s a cool website!!
This cool website gives you access to random PAID softwares and you can download them for free. It keeps updating everyday and you get a lot of useful softwares here on this site. Now, you can save that buck to buy yourself other accessories for daily use instead of wasting them on softwares. 100% legit and no spywares or adwares guaranteed!!

This is your one stop shop for all animation data and information. You can take a look at some professional works over here and it would help you a lot if you are, in any way, related to the animation industry.

Your enemy causing a lot of trouble in your life? Go hack his facebook account and troll people! This site will help you in doing that and also a lot more other stuff. And not only hacking but you can also learn a lot of other geek stuff. After all geek is the new cool!

Started by Salman Khan(HEy! Not the actor! 😛 ), this site gives you online videos for all your academic needs right from basic addition and subtraction to higher level complex physics mechanics, chemistry and a whole lot of other stuff. Now dont spend your money on those tuition classes! Be smart, use KhanAcademy.

Okay now you have to agree that putting that game of over 5 GB on torrents takes loads of time to get downloaded if the seeders are less and sometimes all you want is a direct downlaod. So, this is it! dl4all gives you access to directly download ANY computer game for FREE!!

Welcome to the software world!
1. KGB Archiver
Ever seen your de-compression tool do crazy amounts of decompression like de-compressing a 14MB file to a 1 GB file and wondered how do they compress it? The answer is KGB Archiver. This software has the capacity to compress a 1 GB file to a 14 MB file.

2. VMware workstation
This is an OS emulator which lets you use any operating system on your computer. But then what is its need? Ever felt the urge to play Road Rash on your Windows 7 OS? You downloaded the game and to your surprise it didn’t work quite well in Windows 7 since its a classic game. So, all you do is download an XP iso file and open it from this software. In short play anything and everything on your computer. Windows all editions, Linux and Mac supported.

3. IOBIT Game Booster
Is that copy of GTA IV running extremely slow on your computer? The reason is that the internal computer RAM is not in your control and in background your computer simultaneously uses it to do other tasks which slows down your game. This software stops all the unnecessary background processes which add richness to your gaming experience!!

4. A-One FLV to AVI MPEG WMV 3GP MP4 iPod Converter
Searching for a software to convert ‘.flv’ extension to ‘.mp4’ or some other format which supports your phone? Try this cool software which lets you do so. Best format converting software!!

5. Free hide folder
Works as the name describes. If you wanna hide some important documents, files, photos (or something else 😉 ) then this software is for you. It lets you hide a folder and you can only open this software using a user-set password.

We hope you liked the websites and softwares. Add your valuable comments to let us know.