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Is speed of light the maximum one can achieve?

By: Nikhil Malankar


What is the first scientific thought in your mind whenever you see a light source or a light beam from any source? Whenever I see a light beam the first thought or question arises in my mind is how can light have such a tremendous speed? The second thought which usually comes in my mind is that if light has such a tremendous speed, then can anyone travel more than the speed of light? The whole article is based on the same concept. I always wanted to clarify this doubt about light. I may go wrong somewhere while writing some concepts. If you find any mistake then do let me know about the same through your comments. Let’s start with the discussion.

We all know that the speed of light is 670616629mph to be precise enough. Take a simple example to understand my concept. The example goes as follows: Suppose you are travelling in a car with a speed of 5m/s. Now you want to travel at 6m/s. So, you pump in more fuel to go a little faster with a speed of 6m/s. But is this possible if you were travelling in a shuttle which is able to travel at the speed of light? Take a simple example again. Example is: Suppose you are travelling in a shuttle which is travelling at 670616628mph. Now you pump in more fuel to travel at 670616629mph which is the speed of light. Now you are travelling at the speed of light. But now is it possible to go further than this speed? Or is the speed of light is just ‘THE’ ultimate speed in the universe? As the speed of light is a ‘physical thing’ we also can’t see of increasing or decreasing it. But is there anything else which can travel with a further speed? If it is then what is it? Let’s go into some further details.

Suppose if we are able to travel at a speed greater than 1mph than that of light. Now the question is that will it affect the shuttle? If the shuttle does not get affected then is there a possibility to go at a further speed? If the shuttle does not get affected then what is the maximum speed one can achieve? If light is the upper limit then why is it so? How does it charge the particles at such a fast rate? And if we are able to travel at a greater speed than that of light than what should we call it? Here I would also like to bring one of the existing concepts of ‘Black-hole’. Black hole is such a powerful thing that it can also attract light which is supposed to have maximum speed. So, if Black-hole can attract at such a great speed then can’t we artificially create such a great speed? If the concept of Black hole actually exists then it is also possible to create such a speed which is also able to attract light. According to the theory of relativity, a Black hole is a region of space from which nothing, even light, can escape.  It is called black because it absorbs the entire light incident on it and it reflects nothing. It is a perfectly black body. The life span of a Black hole is infinitesimal but it keeps on multiplying itself at a very high pace. Black hole is also very small in size. But as it keeps on multiplying itself it turns out into a huge mass which attracts anything and everything. So, can’t we use this concept to create an artificial speed which is actually greater than that of light? It would be an ultra speed to travel. How can we use this in day-to-day life? Let’s see further.

If we are able to get a speed higher than that of light then a whole new dimension would open up. We would be able to discover the universe and those hidden mysteries about so many things. So many unanswered questions would have a justified answer. It would also help for advancements in technology and we can also find out if aliens exist or not. If anyone arrives on any conclusions using this piece of information please do let me know. Thanks for reading this article.


Cool websites and softwares

By: Nikhil Malankar


Its been a horribly long time since anything was published on this blog. We sincerely apologize to keep you waiting for such a long time and to compensate for this time we are going to introduce some really interesting softwares and websites to you which are very useful in the computer world. Lets start with some cool websites.

Whoa! That’s a cool website!!
This cool website gives you access to random PAID softwares and you can download them for free. It keeps updating everyday and you get a lot of useful softwares here on this site. Now, you can save that buck to buy yourself other accessories for daily use instead of wasting them on softwares. 100% legit and no spywares or adwares guaranteed!!

This is your one stop shop for all animation data and information. You can take a look at some professional works over here and it would help you a lot if you are, in any way, related to the animation industry.

Your enemy causing a lot of trouble in your life? Go hack his facebook account and troll people! This site will help you in doing that and also a lot more other stuff. And not only hacking but you can also learn a lot of other geek stuff. After all geek is the new cool!

Started by Salman Khan(HEy! Not the actor! 😛 ), this site gives you online videos for all your academic needs right from basic addition and subtraction to higher level complex physics mechanics, chemistry and a whole lot of other stuff. Now dont spend your money on those tuition classes! Be smart, use KhanAcademy.

Okay now you have to agree that putting that game of over 5 GB on torrents takes loads of time to get downloaded if the seeders are less and sometimes all you want is a direct downlaod. So, this is it! dl4all gives you access to directly download ANY computer game for FREE!!

Welcome to the software world!
1. KGB Archiver
Ever seen your de-compression tool do crazy amounts of decompression like de-compressing a 14MB file to a 1 GB file and wondered how do they compress it? The answer is KGB Archiver. This software has the capacity to compress a 1 GB file to a 14 MB file.

2. VMware workstation
This is an OS emulator which lets you use any operating system on your computer. But then what is its need? Ever felt the urge to play Road Rash on your Windows 7 OS? You downloaded the game and to your surprise it didn’t work quite well in Windows 7 since its a classic game. So, all you do is download an XP iso file and open it from this software. In short play anything and everything on your computer. Windows all editions, Linux and Mac supported.

3. IOBIT Game Booster
Is that copy of GTA IV running extremely slow on your computer? The reason is that the internal computer RAM is not in your control and in background your computer simultaneously uses it to do other tasks which slows down your game. This software stops all the unnecessary background processes which add richness to your gaming experience!!

4. A-One FLV to AVI MPEG WMV 3GP MP4 iPod Converter
Searching for a software to convert ‘.flv’ extension to ‘.mp4’ or some other format which supports your phone? Try this cool software which lets you do so. Best format converting software!!

5. Free hide folder
Works as the name describes. If you wanna hide some important documents, files, photos (or something else 😉 ) then this software is for you. It lets you hide a folder and you can only open this software using a user-set password.

We hope you liked the websites and softwares. Add your valuable comments to let us know.

Epic Facebook Trap

By: Nikhil Malankar


How to download torrent files?

By: Nikhil Malankar

Most of us know about the torrent files and how to download them. This post is for those who don’t know about it. Before starting with ‘How to download torrent files?’ let me just give you a little introduction to the ‘Torrent World’. Torrents are basically small files which are able to extract data from computers all over the world which have the specific information of the files which are attached or linked to the magnet torrent. Torrents act as strong magnets. For example if you want to download a movie from a torrent you basically download the torrent file of that movie and then you place it for downloading in a torrent client which will attract (download) the file in your computer.

Torrent files have extension of ‘.torrent’. This means that if you download a torrent file, say sample, then it will be named as ‘sample.torrent’. Some of the torrent sites include:

But mind you! These torrent downloads are illegal.

Anyways! Now we will see some more information about torrents. Whenever you download a torrent files first have a look at the ‘Seeders’ because if there are more seeders then your file will be downloaded fast. Low seeder count may lead to slow download or no download at all!

One of the best torrent client is ‘utorrent’. Download this from the internet and then download ‘.torrent’ files and then click on it. If it opens then it will directly open in utorrent or else manually select utorrent from the programs list to open the file.

If used properly, torrents can be a great way to download almost anything for FREE FREE FREE!!!!! 😀

Important note:- Once you finish downloading the torrent remove it from the torrent list or else it will keep on uploading which will in turn be using a lot of your network resources and also increasing your bill!

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Review

By: Nikhil Malankar


Just recently, as in April 2011, Sony launched it’s much hyped Sony Ericsson Xperia range of phones which includes the Arc, X10 and the Xperia Play or better known as Xplay. This post is a review of Sony’s Xplay. Xplay is a one of its kind phone with an impressive design and innovative features. This phone is PlayStation certified and can play games with graphics as good as the PSP.

Lets have a look at this phone’s features.

The Sony Ericsson Xplay has an impressive PSP type design, as you can see in the above image, it is a slider phone. The Xplay has Android 2.3(Gingerbread) OS which is efficiently integrated with the PlayStation Suite. On the portability side this phone is a bit bulky and has dimensions 119X62X16mm and weighs somewhere around175g. It’s screen size is also impressive and watching movies on this phone is sheer pleasure.

With 512 MB RAM and Snapdragon system on ship this phone offers a good speed and is very efficient. It is available in 2 colors and they are black and white. Xplay has a 1 GHz Scorpion Processor with Andreno 205 GPU which makes it more efficient to use and promises a good experience.

The camera is a 5 megapixel autofocus with LED flashlight. Record Videos in WVGA and also has a secondary VGA camera on the front side. The camera menu is also user friendly and we can easily switch to the front cam from the rear one or vice-versa.

With features like 3G, Wi-fi, Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP, GPRS, EDGE and many more this phone is a complete package! The battery life is also impressive with 425 hours of standby in 2G and 413 hours in 3G. Talk time upto 8h 25 minutes in 2G and 6h 25 minutes in 3G. Xplay has internal memory of 400 MB and can be expanded upto 32 GB. An 8 GB memory card is included with the phone.

The main feature of this phone is its gaming side. Till date this is the best gaming phone after the ‘N-Gage’ era. It has some cool pre-loaded games like FIFA 10, Sims 3 and Bruce Lee(which is almost like Street Fighter) and you can download more from the internet. Games like Asphalt 6 HD can be played with the play panel which can be accessed by sliding the phone. Also Assassin’s Creed offers the best graphics on this phone. What else does a gamer want?

The phone is priced at Rs. 35,000 MRP and in dollars it is approximately 777$. So, if you have that money to spare on a phone then this is the best choice. As a reviewer we should also mention its downsides. So, if you compare this with the E7 you will find the only downsides are that it does not have a HDMI port and does not support HD video recording. But if you see it this way, the Android market has millions of applications compared to the thousands or may be hundreds of that of OVI store. So, Android is any day better than Nokia.

And now you can also enjoy GTA III on this phone PSP style! 😉

Have a nice day! 🙂

Nokia E7 review

By: Nikhil Malankar


Nokia E7 is the latest phone, as of April 2011, launched by Nokia with a trendy and innovative design. This phone offers a fair share of excitement and is perfect for the business class people. 

The above image is of E7. Its a cool phone which is packed with features and isn’t too bulky to carry. Let us have a look at some of its features.

The Nokia E7 is a phone with an impressive 8 mp camera with dual flash light and fixed focus. It also has Geo-tagging and face detection features. Videos can be recorded in high definition at 720 pixels with 25 frames per second which is superb! The secondary camera is VGA camera.

The battery life of this phone is also awesome with 432 hours of standy mode in 2G mode and 480 hours of standy mode in 3G mode. If you are using 2G then the talk time battery life is 9 hours approx. and on a 3G network the battery life is 5 hours. So, in all the battery life is quite impressive.

The Nokia E7 runs on Symbian^3 OS. It has pre-loaded games and more can be downloaded. The OVI store is the perfect place for downloading more games from this phone. Though OVI store is no competition to the Android market and the famous iTunes, still the user has no alternative. Or else 3rd party sites are always available to download cool apps and games.

This phone has Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP and no infrared. The E7 has a HDMI port through which you can connect your phone to a TV. It is available in several colors such as Dark Grey, Silver White, Green, Blue, Orange. Also, this phone supports Wi-fi connections. It’s launch price in India was Rs. 29,999 which is quite justified for its features.

So, all in all, if you are planning to buy a new cell phone then the Nokia E7 is quite a good choice if you don’t give a damn to the OVI store.

That’s it! Have a nice day!