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Most Amazing Concepts in Physics

By: Nikhil Malankar


Science deals with many aspects of our daily life. You start your day with the application of Science. Just take an example of the toothpaste you are using or the motion of a wave or even respiration. Everything relates directly or indirectly with Science. Science can be divided in the following parts.

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Math
  4. Biology

From the topic you must have understood that I am going to talk about Physics. OK Then, What concept do you find the most amazing? If you don’t find it on this list then you are welcome to say about it in the comments column. Let me start off with the list.

1. E=mc^2

We all know about this formula. It was introduced by one of the greatest scientists of all time .i.e. Mr. Albert Einstein. This concept is really interesting one and the debate about its correctness is still going on. It gave rise to other concepts like warped space and space time which are also very interesting and deep. It is a very controversial topic and I had also written an article related to this one. The link to it is:


The most important concept given by Physics to mankind is the Gravity concept without which it would have been impossible to make rockets and other studies related to it. The most famous example to explain gravity was given by Sir Isaac Newton with his Apple Tree example. It is said that Newton was not the first one to observe the phenomenon of gravity but it was Galileo who first discovered it. Anyways, this concept caused a revolution and modern day physics is heavily dependent on this concept.


3. Space Travel

Few centuries ago it was impossible for mankind to think of such a concept. At that time we would have also not thought of travelling through Airplane but in today’s time everything is possible. Space Travel is a wonderful concept which has given rise to the discoveries of our solar system. Now it is also possible for humans to send computers in space to study our universe. Landing on the moon was possible due to this. It was history created and a new step made by man. So, Space Travel is also an amazing concept turned reality in Physics.


4. Time Travel

This has not yet turned into reality but I think that in the near future it will be possible to travel through time too. Many scientists think that time travel will make humans lazy or will cause some disturbance but one thing is sure that time travel will be possible and no one can stop such a great concept to turn into reality. Stephen Hawking also has given so many concepts related to time travel. You can read his book ‘A Brief History of Time’ or even watch his ‘Into The Universe’ which frequently comes on Discovery Channel.


5. The Black Hole

I think this is one of the most wonderful concepts in Physics. It is a perfect example of a Perfectly Black Body. The compression caused creates a high gravitational field around the dead star so that light also cannot escape from it. Light has a tremendous speed of 3 X 10^8 m/s and if it can’t escape from a black hole then imagine about the power it has! I personally think that light is not the fastest. I have thought over it for quite a while now and I think I am right about my previous statement. Using the concept of black hole it is possible to time travel but only in the future. So, Black hole is also an amazing concept.

These are 5 of my favorite and amazing concepts in Physics. Do you have anything more to share?


The Monster: Our Thoughts

By: Nikhil Malankar


You may find the above title a little weird. And a question can arise in your mind that is “How can my thoughts be a monster?”. But let me tell you the above statement is true. Yes! Our thoughts are monsters! Let me convince you with my statement.

We all know how to think. But a very few of us know how to stop thinking. It is really necessary to stop thinking because our mind also needs rest like all of us. See, the brain and mind are two different things just as the body and soul are. When we sleep our body and brain relax but our mind and soul are not relaxed and that’s the reason why we get dreams, good or bad. During this time we cannot control our mind and soul. So, it is necessary to control them while we are awake and conscious.

To stop thinking is a step closer to enlightenment. Buddha, the greatest spiritual teacher of all time, knew all this and through his teachings he told us these facts but we all received them in a wrong way. The greatest scientists of all time such as Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and even Stephen Hawking know how to think but when it comes to stop the thinking process its impossible for them because their thoughts have already turned into monsters which have totally possessed them. These people failed to achieve enlightenment only because they didn’t discover inner peace.

Each and every thought of yours has the power to change your life. But when you stop thinking you are in a state of temporal paradox and believe me! This is the most wonderful state you will ever experience. But this does not mean you should stop thinking completely. No! Not at all! You should just give your mind and soul rest for some time. You should be able to ‘watch the thinker’. And then, my friend, you will experience the eternal bliss that is infinitely available on this beautiful paradise known as Earth!

Have a nice day.