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Mad man?

By:  Manas Chaturvedi


He must be in his sixties; wrinkled skin and white hair contributes to this claim. He must have witnessed many a seasons and nights go by in his lifetime, yet his eyes told a different story. His eyes were cold, almost child-like. He never showcased any emotion. He always had this unfathomable blank expression on his face, as if he has stopped giving a damn about the world around him. He has been living on the streets for as long as I could remember. He is homeless, certainly alone in this world and, according to the society, insane. All he owns in this world is the shabby clothes that he wears and the insults and humiliation hurled on to him by the society. Surely not a proud owner, right? But yet, there is something in him which amazes me. His smile. In spite of being rejected by the society and nature, he still has something to smile for. He never frowns. He never cries. I have never seen him hurl abuses at a passer-by. But one thing is consistent on his face; his blank, saintly smile. As if he has all the possessions a man could dream of having. Although he has nothing, his face tells you that he is contented and satisfied.


Or maybe, just maybe, this mad man thinks that it’s the world that is insane. And hence that sinister, troll face. Who knows? Maybe he’s right too..


Shadow and Me

By: Manas Chaturvedi


The sun has long set in

The darkness begins to crawl

Cold, dark and disfigured

My shadow on the wall


Long lost companions

Long time, no see

As I stare at my shadow

And the shadow stares back at me!