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Death Of The Desktop

By: Nikhil Malankar


One of the greatest innovations of all time is undoubtedly the computer and because of the same many further things were made possible. Right from knowing how the child in the mother’s womb is to the launch of a satellite. Nowadays everything is done on the computer. The computer has advanced a lot since it was first invented. At first it was a big idiot box. Then after that because of semiconducting devices it was possible to have smaller computers. Due to further advancements the size went on decreasing whereas the capabilities went on increasing. (Moore’s Law) And now finally! The desktop is approaching its death! Let’s see how!

Ok. So, as I mentioned earlier that because of semiconductors the size of the computer went on decreasing. The size went on decreasing and a new innovation known as the ‘Laptop’ was introduced. The laptop is classified into 2 main categories. First being notebooks and second net books. Net books are cheap laptops but nowadays they are also becoming a rage for business class people who need a handy book to carry their business with ease. For more updated information let me tell you that these ‘net books’ will soon be getting replaced by something called ‘ultra books’ which would be having the same mobility of net books but with more processing power. The laptops offer everything to everyone. There are gaming laptops, business laptops and also useless time pass laptops! :D And the biggest advantage is that laptop does not require more space unlike the desktop. Plus a battery charge of 6 hours can make the laptop work for 10 hours or more depending on the assurance given by the company.

Recently the launch of tablet PCs have further contributed to the desktop’s death. The Apple iPad, Blackberry Playbook, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Tab and many others are no less than a computer (with a small space of 32 GB or 64 GB but that’s fine!). The real innovation was the iPad but due to its big dimensions it became inconvenient to carry it. The solution to this was Samsung Galaxy Tab which had smaller dimensions and more power. But if the Apple iPad would not have been launched then maybe we would have never known what a tablet is and we would have stuck to medical science for the same 😀 .

And after the launch of tablets we got these amazing range of smart phones with 1GHz processing power like the Xperia series, Samsung Galaxy S II and many more. Plus the Windows-Nokia phone Lumia 800 was a new cocktail of technologies. These smart phones offer a wide variety of features including business features like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and updates on the go. Social networking experience is also awesome. With all this and much more to come, I think that the Desktop is slowly but steadily breathing its last.
Maybe after some years or even months nobody will use the desktop on a large scale and everyone will work on laptops and tablets. The desktop will be popular only with the people who like to relax and sit at home or only at large corporations. The geek community will always be on the desktop as they love it a lot! Also gamers will prefer desktops over laptops and tablets. But the bitter truth is that the desktop is approaching its death.

Oh and yeah Happy New Year folks! 🙂


Nokia E7 review

By: Nikhil Malankar


Nokia E7 is the latest phone, as of April 2011, launched by Nokia with a trendy and innovative design. This phone offers a fair share of excitement and is perfect for the business class people. 

The above image is of E7. Its a cool phone which is packed with features and isn’t too bulky to carry. Let us have a look at some of its features.

The Nokia E7 is a phone with an impressive 8 mp camera with dual flash light and fixed focus. It also has Geo-tagging and face detection features. Videos can be recorded in high definition at 720 pixels with 25 frames per second which is superb! The secondary camera is VGA camera.

The battery life of this phone is also awesome with 432 hours of standy mode in 2G mode and 480 hours of standy mode in 3G mode. If you are using 2G then the talk time battery life is 9 hours approx. and on a 3G network the battery life is 5 hours. So, in all the battery life is quite impressive.

The Nokia E7 runs on Symbian^3 OS. It has pre-loaded games and more can be downloaded. The OVI store is the perfect place for downloading more games from this phone. Though OVI store is no competition to the Android market and the famous iTunes, still the user has no alternative. Or else 3rd party sites are always available to download cool apps and games.

This phone has Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP and no infrared. The E7 has a HDMI port through which you can connect your phone to a TV. It is available in several colors such as Dark Grey, Silver White, Green, Blue, Orange. Also, this phone supports Wi-fi connections. It’s launch price in India was Rs. 29,999 which is quite justified for its features.

So, all in all, if you are planning to buy a new cell phone then the Nokia E7 is quite a good choice if you don’t give a damn to the OVI store.

That’s it! Have a nice day!