The founder of the LOL Revolution?

By: Manas Chaturvedi


Lol this post is going to be awesome, trust me.

The LOL word, which stands for Laugh Out Loud, is so commonly used these days, that we almost take this cute little silly word for granted. Have you ever wondered form where this LOL thing originated from? I bet you didn’t. But neither did I to be quite honest. Until I saw this funny looking Russian opera singer, Eduard Hill, sing, or rather hyme a funny, addictive and a simple tune. Without saying anything else, lemme present to you all the video I am talking about.

Now I bet you will replay that video again and again until that tune sets in your mind forever! Now if you believe some sources, or rather your ears, did Eduard Hill, the singer, now known as the LOL MAN or the Trolololol Man, actually said LOL in the whole song? Lol I don’t know if he surely meant that. But surely guys, that was the first ever recorded public use of the LOL word.

Now this video is a craze on Youtube, or rather a viral video. It got featured on the RayWilliamJohnson channel( don’t know him? Check his channel as well. He’s really worth your time), and has many parodies all over the net.

Now you guys know for now who created, or founded the Lol revolution. Thanks to GeneticWriters ofcourse!



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