You are the Universe

By: Nikhil Malankar


There are times when we get depressed because of some or the other reason. There are times when we feel that all the bad on this Earth is happening only to us. There are times when we feel like doing nothing but hurt ourselves. At such times we feel very small and just want to hide in some corner of this vast world. So, this post is for those depressive moments and how to get out of this situation.

Normally people think that they are a part or just a fragment of this big wide Universe. But that’s not true. What people fail to realize that you are not a fragment of the universe, YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE. Having said that let me convince you with it.

It may appear you from outside that you are nicely dressed piece of flesh. But the reality is not limited to that. Beyond that flesh are many different cells which continuously multiply and divide. And inside those cells there are many more things but the most basic thing is ‘Energy’. So, what are cells made of? The answer is energy. What are you made of? The answer again is energy. What is your neighbor made of? The answer is energy. What is this Earth made of? The answer is energy. What is this Universe made of? The answer, my friend, is energy! So, everything that has, is or will ever exist is energy.

We are all One! If you observe through a powerful microscope you will observe that each one of us is energy just vibrating with different frequencies. So, all of us are connected to each other. Even you, the reader, is connected to me. Believe it or not but that’s the truth. Just once try thinking that you are the Universe and I guarantee you! It’s a trip man! People go to the Theater but I am the Theater! I am the seats, I am the screen, I am the speakers, I am the pop corn vendor, I am everything and everywhere! And it’s so much fun!

So, my point is that if you start thinking this way you would never get depressed. This is Enigma my friend!


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