GTA Vice City last mission: Combo of movies Scarface and The Godfather

By: Nikhil Malankar


All of us know about the famous GTA series and most of us have played all of them. But there are some really interesting facts about each of them which barely few of us know. So, here we share a secret about the last mission of the game GTA Vice City.

The last mission of GTA Vice City was ‘Keep your friends close…..’. Now the interesting thing is that the named of the mission was derived from a famous dialogue from the movie ‘The Godfather Part II’ starring Al Pacino as the lead playing Michael Corleone. In the movie Michael Corleone’s dialogue goes as follows: ‘There are many things my father taught me here in this room. He taught me:keep your friends closebut your enemies closer.’. So, this is how the name of the mission was derived. It holds true for the mission.

The next in the mission was the plot resembles the scene from Scarface wherein Tony Montana fights in his Mansion. In this mission too Tommy Vercetti, the protagonist of the game, goes to that Mansion on Starfish Island and fight with a gang of people. The only difference is that in the movie Tony Montana dies whereas in Vice City Tommy survives.The hit game GTA Vice City also has an area with the famous bloody bathroom in an empty apartment, along with a chainsaw that can be used as a weapon. The Malibu Club is also very similar to the Babylon Club in the movie. Other similarities include a drugs deal that goes wrong, a mission to kill a cocaine-dealing boss similar to Tony and Manny’s killing of Frank, and a mansion featuring an office and hall very similar to those of Tony’s mansion in the movie. Furthermore, the protagonist Tommy Vercetti is heavily based upon Tony Montana. The final mission in which Tommy must fend off dozens of armed men as they storm the mansion parallels the bloodbath ending in the film.

Al Pacino, the versatile actor, starred in both these films. Links to the wiki pages of both the films are:

1. Scarface-

2. Godfather Part II-

Thus this is the truth behind the last mission in Vice City.

Hope you enjoyed reading.


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  1. Hi there, how’s it going? Just shared this post with a colleague, we had a good laugh.

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